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accurate ooservation

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accurate ooservation
hau ana. snow, uoon tne ween mountains, tnan m most otner narts oi tne unitea estates: ana irom tnree vears accurate ooservation. i am connrmea in tne oeiiei. m tne winter montns it is a common occurrence mat mere are storms upon tne mountains, wnen ten or niteen incnes oi snow tan and at the same time, only a few miles distant, at the foot of the mountains, on the west side, they have very lile or no storm oi anv Kina. o m tne summer, tne ciouas are onen seen to accumulate over ine mountains, ana mere exnausi themselves, in violent showers, and their extension is limited to a iew appears nv ur, nuarein's ooservations. maae Beats Headphones at jmariea. umo. ior tnree vears oast, punusnea in ine journal The Aurora Borealxs or Northern Lights.Science, Vol. xvi, No l,that the whole quantity of rain whichfell, within that time, wasinches ; and from my observations made in Vermont, for the last three years, the quantity of water, which has fallen is iay. inchesdifference,inches. I believe, however, so great a difference would not be found by a long series of observations, made at both places, for the seasons have been unusually humid in Vermont, during the three years above mentioned.From thirty years observation,am confident that lightning, thunder, and hail, in summer, are far less severe in the mountainous resrion of Vermont,than in level Monster Beats champaigne districts. situated in the same degrees of latitude. The elevated peaks, probably, serve as conductors, which convey the eiectncitv irom tne ciouas witnout snocKS; ana almost universalfy, when the lightning strikes the earth, it occurs in vallies, or on the sides of mountains, far below their highest Doints.In conclusion, I would remark, that notwithstanding the great quantity of rain, which fell during the last summer, in Vermont, some oi our croos were aounaant. ine ffrass ano hay crop, perhaps were never beer. Indian corn, potatoes and some garden vegetables were light. Spring wheat, rye and oats suffered severely by blight.Art. XIV.Speculations with respect to the cause of the Aurora ooreaus or ivortnern iji&nts.Various have been the aempts to account for this phenomenon ; as yet no satisfactory theory has been offered to the public, most of the essays on the subject, being destitute of a sufficient number Monster Headphones of facts on which to erect any lasting nvDotnesis.

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